Let intervention for Christ welcome, love, comfort and guide (2Cor 1:2-7) you and your family/organization through the authority of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, for Gods Glory back on path to our Fathers home, will and purpose for your troubled loved ones life. (Rom 8:28). Intervention for Christ conducts Christian interventions to help families, individuals and or organizations loosen the destructive grip of drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, sexual/pornography, gambling, personality/behavior disorders and all prurient compulsions (manifestations of the Sin of, separation/rebellion from God; James 1:14-15).

It is painful when a loved one has cut them selves off from the sunlight of the spirit (John 3:19-21), and all efforts to restore Gods order have failed. Christian intervention spirit filled recourses are used to separate our brothers and sisters from the destructive behavior of their personal darkness (John 12:35-36) Through Jesus Christ, with Gods quickening and place them with a caring and proven Christian facility as needed. Professional Christian interventions for all manifestations of sin, work when all else has failed.

This website will explain the services provided by Intervention for Christ including:

  • Christian drug intervention
  • Christian alcohol intervention
  • Christian family intervention
  • Christian teen intervention
  • Christian executive intervention
  • Pastoral and church leaders intervention
  • Interventions for professionals
  • Pro-Athletes and celeberties interventions
  • High profile public and government officials intervention
  • Christian intervention services for other compulsive behaviors

Most importantly you need help right now, please call our confidential and very private Hotline. Substance abuse and all compulsive behavior disorders do not solve themselves and will get much worse, (Rom 1:28-32). Your prayers have led you to Intervention for Christ this very day so trust Gods direction and take the first step back to an abundant and fruitful life through Christ (John 10:10) for your loved one and Family, call us now.