Drug Addiction

At Intervention for Christ we believe that drug addiction is a spiritual disease that separates us from our Lord and leaves us suffering. The shame and guilt comes from the inconsistency of our self-destructive behaviors and our deep knowledge that Christ wants us to honor our body and mind and treat ourselves and others with love and compassion.

The trap of drug addiction is that using substances seems to be quick and easy solution to the guilt and frustration brought on by using substances. This reinforcing cycle brings the user to the depths of their own personal hell and feelings of hopelessness are common. The idea that God can still be called upon from within feels impossible at times.

This vicious cycle can be interrupted and the hidden power of Christ can be revealed with the proper intervention and treatment. It does not matter if your loved one doesn’t want treatment or thinks they can handle it on their own. This is a selfish lie that will only encourage more damage, pain and suffering for the person and all who surround him or her.

Drug addiction can be effectively treated through Christian therapy and focus on spiritual growth. Call Intervention for Christ to learn more.