Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs have special circumstances that make their abuse even more insidious. Like alcohol prescription drugs are legal and heavily promoted in our culture. Here is a product that is promoted as an answer to pain, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness and even prescribed by an authority like a doctor. Unfortunately for some people, prescription drug use becomes abuse as they begin to take more than the prescription calls for and begin to suffer problems associated with abuse.

Prescription drugs are tempting because they seem to help if even temporarily. If we were in pain we may feel pain free, if we were depressed our mood may be lifted and if we were anxious we may feel calm. The trap is that the symptoms are only suppressed temporarily and will return even worse than before. This can lead to taking more than prescribed which sets off an abuse cycle that is made worse by the physical craving and mental obsession of dependence on prescription drugs.

Improper abuse of prescription drugs is a corrupting spiritual disease that dims the vision of the sufferer who cannot envision Lord Christ clearly and soon lives only to feed his or her base desires. It is a very painful condition and should be treated right away.