Trends in Christian intervention have been increasing for teens and adolescent programs but a skilled Christian interventionist can help anybody who has turned from the power of Christ. At Intervention for Christ His divine spirit works through us to help the sick restore the faith in Him required for recovery.

The crisis of drug abuse, alcoholism and other destructive behaviors begins with the spiritual disease of abandoning reliance upon Christ to solve your human problems and instead depending on substances and other addictively stimulating behaviors. Christian drug abuse intervention is one of our more requested services but Christian alcoholic intervention is also very common. We also offer Christian intervention and meth, Christian executive intervention for valuable employees and Christian intervention programs for a wide variety of negative behaviors. Call us for a no-obligation consultation regarding your specific situation.

Find Refuge in the Lord

Christian intervention specialists of Intervention for Christ are very aware of the shame and frustration some Christians have over their activities. A frequent mistake is to continue the delusion that addiction can be broken by sheer willpower. Christ must hear your prayer of helplessness before He can help you. Only God can give you the strength to meet your needs and give purpose.

Christian drug intervention programs place clients in a safe and loving environment where they are removed from the temptations that allowed addiction to flourish so freely. Amazing progress can be made when usual patterns are interrupted and clients can take an honest look at their lives and behaviors and see how self-will has failed them over and over again.

Come Unto Me

“Come unto me, all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Intervention for Christ will offer rest for the client and rest for his or her loved ones who can be assured that the best of care will come after Christian alcohol abuse intervention or Christian drug abuse intervention. A structured environment focusing on Christian recovery will offer solid solutions to the despair, fear and physical cravings that clients go through on the road of recovery. The spiritual solution started by Intervention for Christ is the answer for all physical and mental pain. Call us and let us show you how your life can have new meaning and purpose.