The time when your children reach adolescents and become teenagers is obviously a critical time for them to continue exploring their faith and the teachings of Christ. The temptations of this world weigh heavily on teenagers though and even the best of parents can find that their children have been negatively influenced by peers and cultural messages and experiment with destructive behaviors like using drugs and alcohol.

Intervention for Christ believes that disrupting destructive behaviors is more effective sooner than later. After the warnings, after the punishments, after the unheeded ultimatums and evidence that destructive behaviors are persisting and even getting worse, having an intervention by Intervention for Christ can be the beginning of salvation from further wreckage.

The influence of Intervention for Christ is a very meaningful process for this delicate age. The understanding that there are others who have felt the confliction and frustration of trying to walk with the Lord yet unable to resist the temptations of this world is reassuring. We can help you break through the denial that allows self-abuse to continue and learn again how to accept His forgiveness and place faith squarely on the shoulders of Christ for salvation.