What is Intervention for Christ?

Intervention for Christ is an organization of licensed and professionally trained individuals who coordinate and conduct Christian alcohol and drug interventions for families and individuals who believe that Jesus Christ is their Savior but who have found themselves in the physical and spiritual bind of self-destructive behaviors. Beyond substance abuse we also conduct interventions for a wide range of compulsive behaviors such as gambling, eating disorders and sex related behaviors all addressed with a Christian orientation.

Our beliefs mean that family Christian intervention involves all loved ones to the extent they can help the suffer overcome the crisis. This is just a beginning as the real key is a reconnection with faith in Christ and use His power to restore harmony.

Is it ever too early to do an intervention?

The Christian drug intervention guide can help you make that decision when you call but Christian prevention intervention can be very effective at any stage of a problem. Substance abuse and compulsive behaviors are progressive in nature and left untreated will continue to grow and take over the life of the individual. This is why drug and alcohol abuse does not just harm the user him or herself despite what they would like to believe. As the substance user continues to use family and friends are pulled away, effectiveness at work deteriorates and problems with money are common.

Considering the problems that undoubtedly lie ahead or the ones currently happening and getting worse it makes a lot of sense to take strong action sooner than later. There can be no satisfaction walking a path that does not lead to God so let us help you find the right path today.

Why isn’t prayer alone helping me with my temptations?

One of the characteristics of a mind that has been twisted by drugs, alcohol and other destructive indulgent behaviors is that it looks for an easy solution that includes continuing the destructive behavior. We know that you have prayed and vowed and really tried to stick with your commitment not to drink as much or vow to never use drugs again only to fail over and over. This is not God failing you, this is your own minds self-satisfaction pretending to play God and justifying why using and drinking just one more time “will not be so bad” or “what’s the use anyhow?”

We tell ourselves any number of lies to separate ourselves from Christ. Even as true answers to your difficulties are being presented to you because of a lack of humility and self-respect we are unable feel God’s grace. This pain can begin to end today, call Intervention for Christ right now.